Paralyzed son is looking after his paralyzed mom by designing websites in bed

Paralyzed son is looking after his paralyzed mom by designing websites in bed

For the past 3 years Michael and his mom Rimma from Ekaterinburg, Russia, haven’t been outside or seen each other, even though they are living in the same house, just separated by a wall. Both mother and son are now paralyzed and bedridden, and require 24×7 care of sitters and masseuses to keep them alive. They are communicating with each other through phone or Skype. 

What’s even more incredible is that Michael is supporting both of them financially by working 12-hr days designing websites without leaving his bed. You can see in the video that a computer monitor is mounted above his bed and a mouse is placed beside him on the bed. That’s his office!

I saw this story with the video tonight on Russian site, just before I was going to bed. Now I can’t even sleep. What a touching story! That’s real love!

Michael’s health issues started first with a really bad case of flu in 1990 when he was a university student. Shortly after graduation, he was diagnosed with inoperable spinal cord growth. Doctors were giving paralyzed Michael less than 3 years to leave and were advising Rimma to put him into hospice. She refused and looked after her paralyzed son ever since – for 20 years!


In the video Michael is saying that his mom took really good care of him – together they went for walks and even to movies. His mom is all he has and now she is getting worse. Michael is facing now the same decision his mom had to face 20 years ago. Doctors and social workers are advising him to move his mom into hospice. But he is refusing. He is taking on even work to be able to provide good care for her. But his salary is not enough to buy expensive cancer medication, to buy food and to pay for the sitters for both of them.


Rimma was diagnosed with blood cancer, when one day 3 years ago she couldn’t get out of bed. At first she could use wheelchair, so she could see her son, but not anymore.

When their neighbors learned of their dire situation, they started looking for help. I hope they’ll get money in time to help mom with the  medication that she desperately needs and maybe even find a way for Michael and his mom to see each other again.

On site you can find Rimma’s bank account number 639002169060787716 at Sberbank in Ekaterinburg, Russia, in case you’d like to help. Her full name is Rimma Ivanovna Merkulova. On the same site there is also Michael’s email

Stories like this one always make you wonder – where is Government’s help? Shouldn’t Government be covering bills for the old and the sick? After all, that’s why people pay taxes and that’s what makes us a civilized society.

This is especially troubling knowing how much Russia is spending on military. Between 2004 and 2014, Russia doubled its military spending and according to the newly adopted budget, it will further increase it from 17.6% of all budget spending this year to 20.8%, or 3.36 trillion rubles ($84.19 billion).

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