About Me

About Me

“Life is not about feeling good, it’s about feeling”

Hey there, thanks for stopping by!

My name is Marina and this is my personal blog.
Here are some random things that describe me:

  • I was born in a country that doesn’t exist anymore (Soviet Union)
  • Currently living in a wonderful, diverse and vibrant city called Toronto
  • I am a co-founder of Dateva – health data integration and analytics company, and a founder of iCraft – a markeplace for handmade art and crafts
  • I also do User Experience Consulting
  • I am a Caffeine lover

    Canoeing in Gatineau Park, Quebec

    Canoeing in Gatineau Park, Quebec, 2009

  • Compulsive reader
  • Work in Progress
  • Multitasking, always “connected” Internet Addict (Yes, I know human brain is incapable of multitasking, it’s only an illusion)
  • I believe in change, technology, creativity & innovation
  • I am a night owl. My most productive time is in the evenings
  • I sometimes solve problems in my sleep
  • Breakfast on the weekend is the best thing, especially if it’s fried eggs Russian style
  • I enjoy travel, skiing, camping, running, racquet sports, Latin dancing, being outside and enjoying the nice weather (mind you I don’t do all those things as often as I want to)
  • I love photography and usually bring my camera with me everywhere I go. I even love taking pictures of food
  • I change my hair color a lot, which ruined my hair on a number of occasions. (Hope they’ll finally figure out that hair cloning thing by the time I’m 60. I’ll probably need it 🙂 )
  • I am usually funny by accident
  • I love my iPhone, men that cook and occasional retail therapy. Ha ha…
Canoe trip, Algonquin Park, 2008.

Camping in Algonquin Park, 2008.

Horse-back riding in Hamilton, 2008.

Horse-back riding in Hamilton, 2007.

Apple picking in Ontario, Fall 2011.

Apple picking in Ontario, Fall 2011.

I’ve been debating for a while if I should setup two separate blogs‚ one personal diary-style blog and another one more professional blog.

Me in Niagara on the Lake, June 2012

Me in Niagara-on-the-Lake, June 2012

The thought of maintaining two blogs actually kept me from blogging in the first place. However, separating personal and professional life made a lot of sense too.

At the end, I decided to dedicate one blog to User Experience Design and everything that I am interested in professionally. This is my personal blog, where I’ll be posting my thoughts, feelings, and questions on everyday things.

I’m not a writer by any means, but I thought practicing writing on a regular basis will probably help me to become one… Maybe 🙂

Hope you’ll enjoy reading my inspired ramblings.

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