Kiev Crisis: things are even worse than reported

Kiev Crisis: things are even worse than reported

Situation in Kiev seems to be even worse than reported in media. People are desperately trying to leave the city or the country, but all exits are blocked. Police arrests anyone with gunshot wounds trying to get medical help. Shortages of food and medical supplies create panic in locals.

Here are some excerpts from a friend’s letter, who lives in Ukraine.



I am sure you are watching news.. are your relatives ok? all my friends are in Kiev and my aunt is there. I am so scared… my friends from university are helping at hospitals. Two of the boys were shot yesterday.


I call my aunt every day. They are not good. Police are using real weapons, there are lots of ‘titushki” who support Yanukovich and they are very violent and they destroy everything around, set cars on fire, buildings and blame protesters. There are lots of videos of them beating people to death.. my friend said they are running out of supplies in hospitals and now they have medics in churches and stuff. There are so many wounded that there is no place to put them anymore.

Ukrainian red cross refused supplies from Canada as Ukrainian red cross in under ministry of health and it is controlled by Yanukovich.

Tonight there were snipers on the roofs who were just shooting at the crowd.

There is nothing left from downtown Kiev, all the roads are destroyed, buildings are burnt, dead bodies are on the streets, as roads are blocked by Berkut and people can’t leave even if they wanted to.  It is a civil war already.. it will get worse as all of those politicians are taking their money and leaving the country. They took everything from treasury, country has no funds at all. If world doesn’t put sanctions on them people are screwed, it will be mass massacre, it already started…

I don’t know what to do. I was going to fly there but I was told that you can’t get to Kiev from the airport, as roads are blocked. My aunt is staying in her apartment. It is on the other side on Dnepr River so it is not that bad yet.. I can’t handle all this, I just look at those streets I grew up at and all my friends are there I feel so helpless.. I can’t even send supplies or raise money, as there is no organization that is not controlled by regime…

… I just talked to her, they are at the state of emergency, all stores are being emptied, people are buying whatever food they can, gas stations are all overcrowded – people are taking money from the banks as they can’t use cards anymore, only cash.  Over 100 people have been shot so far and more troops are coming to the city with full ammunition.

… All the roads are blocked, cars can’t get through. I just talked to my friends I can’t even send money as banks will not pay it out. I have friends who are close to her so they said they would get her if needed. So far it is calm in her area.. I just hope world will react now. This is a war in a middle of Europe and no one does anything!

Photo credits: Ilya Varlamov

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