Happy Times

Happy Times

I am one of those people who love taking photos of food. It’s kind of silly, I know. But to me, those are the happiest and fun moments spent with friends and family – times when you are cooking together or trying out new restaurants, but always having a good time.

Food somehow brings us together and makes us happy.

I don’t remember even one photo with food, where people looked sad.

So here is my collection of some food photos that I took over the years. They definitely bring happy memories to me.

Trying cakes in Cardiff, Wales.

Trying cakes in Cardiff, Wales.

“Welcome to Canada” cake for my niece Christina. That was a happy moment for everyone in my family.

A friend of ours cooked this steak on our ski trip to Big White, 2008. It was great!

Xmas dinner 2010. Always a happy occasion.

Christopher’s pizza – handmade & delicious!

Family picnic, 2010

Geoff, Elena & my mom at my niece’s wedding at a small Russian restaurant was an intimate and happy occasion with loads of food. Those are actually the tears of joy.

Geoff’s Ribs, his special recipe.

At the Restaurant in Costa Rica

Me and James at the Thai Restaurant in Costa Rica. You could get to it only in 4×4, as it was high up in the mountains.

Dinner with huge shrimps we had in Cardiff, Wales, 2008.

Dinner we had in Cardiff, Wales, 2008. I’ve never seen shrimps bigger than those.

Birthday party Elena’s Birthday party.
Camping in Algonquin ParkCamping in Algonquin Park. That’s the time when I learned than bacon goes with maple syrup and coffee with Baileys. 🙂
At friend's cottage in Picton. Christopher cooking and I just admire his work.

At friend’s cottage in Picton. Christopher cooking and I just admire his work.

New Years party.

This was some crazy New Year’s party. Not sure how much food was there, but there was definitely no shortage of drinks.

Leftovers from my Birthday party. I had enough food and drinks for the next few weeks.

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